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Our Glitter Tattoos are so much fun because they satisfy a deep desire for self expression, without the permanent change.


We have designs for everyone. Below are some major categories that describe our selections and provide a glimpse into the glitter tattoo fascination. Email us today to book an artist.

Mom Approved Designs for Kids


Kids light up when the glittery shapes emerge in their favorite designs such as dinosaurs, butterflies, fairies, unicorns, dragons and super heros.


The "That's Hot" for Teens


Teens and Twenties enjoy the edgier designs including arm bands, emoticons, pop culture, tribals and word expressions. They also enjoy faces. The designs of Jacob and Edward from the Twilight trilogy are, well.., hot! The Facebook "like" thumb design is pretty hot too!


The Divas


Mom and her best girlfriends can test their body art limits not only with zodiacs, florals and sunbursts, but why not be a girl again and try jumbo fairy wings, or sparkling necklaces and chokers.


The Dudes


The men are not left out. We have black glitter and temporary black ink which provides a more realistic tattoo look. The temporary black ink lasts a few days. Our designs for the dudes include sports themes, skulls, armbands, superheros and tribals. We have something for everyone.

The Suits

To our corporate customers we offer custom designs from your logo or according to your chosen theme. Just ask!


Designs for the Seasons

For any school or church event during the calendar year, we can provide designs with seasonal, holiday themes and sports themes. For schools we can bring your mascot to life with a tattoo design. We only ask that you book us early so please plan ahead. We want to be stocked with your custom selections for the occassion. Let's discuss your needs.

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